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       To help promote these beautiful cats, I have authored a ebook (A New Creation: The saving of the Tennessee  Rex) telling the fascinating story of the Tennessee Rex from it's origin as backyard kittens to the successful reproduction of the gene. What would you do if you looked out your windows and saw some of the rarest cat in the world playing on your back porch? This is what I did............

    This book was written with a personal touch added and not just pure scientific research. In it I share many of the personal trials and experiences that manifested while attempting to save this gene along with MANY pictures!!! (some never before published) that marked milestones in the development of the breed. 

    If you enjoyed the ebook and found it to be very informative, please leave feedback at contact@tennesseerex.com. I thank you for your support of these beautiful cats.


                                  A New Creation:

                     The saving of the Tennessee Rex


                  Franklin Whittenburg 2004-2007



             Paperback edition    sold out!!                              



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